Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Having A Good Sleep Helps You Get Rid Of Pressure

Too little sleep can lead to great problems or troubles. A significant risk factor for high blood
pressure is sleeplessness, as identified by the American Heart Association Journal Hypertension.

James E Gangoisch, PhD, lead author of the study and a postdoctoral fellow at the Columbia University Medical Center, says, "It has been known that one of the reason for hypertension is, sleeping disorders. This could be the reason for not getting enough sleep."

High blood pressure and short sleep (five hours or less) relationship is showed in first study. High blood pressure is significantly less in people who get sever hours or more of sleep than those who sleep five to six hours. A normal healthy person is advised to have at least 8 hours of good sleep.

Lack of sleep also can also result in obesity. The heart rate and blood pressure are normally low during sleep. Over a long period of time, the average work done by the heart increases in people deprived of sleep, which causes irreversible changes in the heart and blood vessels.

All in all a good night sleep is very essential for good health.


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