Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Perfect Solution For Hair Loss Problem As a Result Of Wearing Helmet

I've always hated wearing helmet. No, not that I don't love my head or want to keep it safe. I understand the importance of wearing helmet. But it has a purpose, you too would hate to wear a helmet in a slow moving traffic, (I'm talking about traffic which moves at around 10km/hr !! ).

Recently Karnataka Government came up with a new rule stating everyone ( riders only thankfully, lucky pillionz ) must and should wear a helmet else they would be fined. Now you might call this a very crude way of making money government has come up with, getting to the purpose of this article, which is not discussing whether the decision made by government is right or wrong but is to discuss some other serious problems involved with wearing a helmet.

The most common problem everyone will face as a result of this new rule is Hair Fall. Imagine wearing those heavy helmets, travelling on a average for about an hr or more a day, and spending even more time waiting for those traffic signals to go green. Spending hours together in those "always exepected" traffic jams. None of this is going to do any good for your hair.

All the dust, wear and tear just helps your hair grow much weaker which eventually will end up with experiencing hair fall.

But by following a few steps you definitely can protect your hair from all the wear and tear and also from getting spoilt because of the Helmets you wear.

Wet a piece of cloth and wear it as a "Bandana" before you wear your helmet. This protects your hair in two ways.

One, it keeps the moisture in your hair, which is the most essential part in mainiting your hairs bounciniess and retaining life in them.
Second, it reduces the friction between your hair and the soft sponge inside your helmet. the friction between your hair and the sponge inside your helmet does not do any good for your hair.

It also becomes very important that you buy a helmet which fits you nice and tight. This also helps in reducing the friction.

Don't forget to regularly oil your hair. There is nothing like a good oil massage.

Wash and clean your hair regularly. Rinse it thoroughly. The more clean you keep them, the more healthier your hair will be.


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